Product packaging sits at a critical stage as marketing awareness has come to the forefront and shipping costs continue to rise. The ConservaCube™ packaging design offers strategic benefits to a business. The ConservaCube™ design reflects the brand, promotes the product, and protects the contents that are inside the package.

When evaluating the shipping cost, the ConservaCube™ design reduces weight of the package, maximizing a truck or container's capacity.

The latest ConservaCube™ design has maximized shelve space and better utilizes end-cap space in retail stores.


What makes the ConservaCube design so important

While advertisements, e-mails and social media are traditional routes to building brand loyalty and converting the consumer, packaging can play that very same role. Packaging is a physical ad for that product and an opportunity to make a lasting first impression.

Once the product is purchased, the packaging has the potential to become something more. By unboxing the experience from traditional packaging, the ConservaCube™ design has the ability to "wow" consumers, setting the product apart from traditional packages, not just from the competition. We believe that great packaging can even inspire customers to post positive reviews on social media. In the world of internet purchases, design becomes even more important in your marketing efforts.

When it comes to shipping, the ConservaCube™ design takes a meaning more than a promotional piece; the ConservaCube™ design serves as a protective element. The ConservaCube™ design prevents damage to the product and in some cases boosts shelf life. The ConservaCube™ design also effects a business' bottom line. The more efficient ConservaCube™ design, requires less materials used with filling up un-used air space in shipments and warehouse storage.

The more efficient design of the ConservaCube™ uses less material which ultimately means less money is spent. The content dimensions and structure of the ConservaCube™ design affects margins, shipping costs and material handling.

It is time to differentiate your products from the norm and begin to think outside the box.